Southwest Airlines Wheelchair Assistance For Special Passengers

Southwest Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

A passenger can request Southwest Airlines wheelchair assistance at any connection point, be it at the airport or after the landing at the final destination. You just have to inform the airline’s employee when you reach the airport. Traveling can be a challenging task for passengers with mobility difficulties, but the airline offers wheelchair assistance to ensure a smooth journey. Here, you can get all the guidance you need to request mobility assistance at the airport through the airline. 

How to Request Wheelchair Assistance On Southwest Airlines?

How to Request Wheelchair Assistance On Southwest Airlines

A passenger can complete Southwest Airlines wheelchair assistance requests on their mobile phones or at the desktop. Though it is not necessary to inform the airline in advance, but doing so will help the airline make better arrangements. Passengers have to identify themselves and the assistance to the concerned employee when they are at the airport, at any connecting point, and when they arrive at the final location. You may notify the airline regarding wheelchair assistance by following methods. 

1. Including Wheelchair Assistance During Flight Reservation

  • Open the official website on your laptop or PC
  • Start your reservation.
  • Once you land on the “Passenger & Payment” info page, click on the “Special Assistance” link. 
  • Afterwards, complete your reservation.

If you are accessing the official website through your mobile phone, then you will find the Southwest Airlines wheelchair assistance link on the “Passenger” screen.

2. Adding The Assistance To Already Booked Flight

  • Open the official website and click on the ‘Manage Flight Reservation” option.
  • On the next page, click on “Special Assistance” under the concerned passenger name.
  • Fill in all the details asked of you. 

If you are using your cell phone – Click on the “Manage Your Reservation” option, tap on the edit pencil icon given beside the passenger name, then tap on the “Special Assistance” link. From thereon, complete the asked details.

3. Contact The Airline to request Wheelchair Assistance

You may also choose to contact the airline and speak with the representative to get a comprehensive understanding of the assistance. Call at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792). Also, if you have planned a trip with ten or more passengers and all will be checking in wheelchairs, then inform the airline in advance a day before the day of travel. The airline will prepare sufficient staff and room in the cargo compartment for your wheelchairs. 

Southwest Screening For Passengers with Mobility Aid

Southwest Screening For Passengers with Mobility Aid

The airline’s security screening is at the hands of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Before going through the screen, inform the TSA office about your disabilities or if you cannot stand or walk without assistance. You may have to show your notification card or medical paper to give details of your disability

During Passenger Screening

The airline will use advanced imaging technology or metal detectors for passengers who can stand with their arms behind their heads for seven seconds without assistance. If that is not the case, the staff will use the pat-down method. 

The TSA office is responsible for performing the pat-down method. He/she will be of the same gender as the passenger, so it’s comfortable for both parties. The complete procedure is conducted in a private setting with a companion when the sensitive area is being screened. A passenger is always allowed to get a private screening if requested.

Screening or Mobility Aid

The airline will x-ray or hand-inspect the aids like walkers, crutches, canes, or other similar assistance devices. Hand inspection is only conducted when the device is unable to fit through the x-ray machine. At the same time, it is mandatory for wheelchairs and scooters to go through the x-ray procedure. This includes seat cushions and other non-removable pouches and fanny packs as well.

The TSA has designed a special screening assistance called TSA Cares. It is introduced for passengers with physical disabilities, medical issues, or other conditions who require special assistance during security screening. If you wish to preboard the plane, you may want to add TSA Precheck to the Southwest Airlines.

Passenger’s Wheelchair Storage and Guidance

Passenger’s Wheelchair Storage

Passengers requiring mobility assistance from the airline will be checking in their wheelchairs as well. You can submit your wheelchair or other mobility aid at the baggage counter or at the departure gate. The airline will stow it in the cargo compartment; however, it is always recommended to stow the device safely in the cabin. 

Each aircraft has its own compartment where at least one normal-size wheelchair can be stored. It should be completely collapsible, and the staff will stow it on a fort-com, first-serve basis. Though the airline puts your assistive device on priority, if no requests are made, it is kept in storage. compartment. 

Moreover, if there is no more space, the airline will simply check in your device. Passengers checking in the device must complete the “Wheelchair / Mobility Aid Information Form” before arriving at the airport. You have to present the filled form to the service agent at the courier or gate. 

Once you land at the destination, your wheelchair is returned to you at the gate or baggage claim. You must notify the airline’s employees about which option you prefer. Inform the flight attendant or the station employee present at the gate if you want to get it at the Jet Bridge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get wheelchair assistance Southwest Airlines?

Passengers can get Southwest Airlines wheelchair assistance upon reaching the airport and informing the airline’s employee or at any connecting point. 

Do I have to inform Southwest employees in advance?

No, there is no need to make a prior reservation, but doing so will lead to better arrangements for your wheelchair assistance. 

Can Southwest help me get seated?

Of course, make sure to inform the customer service agent present at the gate area before the boarding of your device and wait until preboarding starts. 

How do I include Southwest Airlines wheelchair assistance in my already booked flight?

You can submit your Southwest Airlines wheelchair assistance request via the “Manage flight reservation” section. Click on the concerned option to complete the procedure. 

Where is the wheelchair assistance available? 

Passengers can get wheelchair assistance from the airport curb to and from the gate and in between gates for connecting flights. 

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