Breeze Airways Services Provided by Las Vegas Airport

Services provided by At Las Vegas Airport

Currently a talk is going on about services provided at the Las Vegas Airport. However, it is expected that the top-notch airport offers flights to a variety of destinations, as well as a range of optional services and amenities that can be purchased for an additional fee. 

The services may include things such as baggage allowance, in-flight entertainment, food and beverage options, seat upgradation, and much more. The specific services and amenities offered will likely be determined by the route and the type of aircraft being used. So, if you are also planning your next trip with Breeze Airways, you are likely to get benefitted from the airlines.

  • Seat Upgradation

The passengers travelling from a certain class such as economy or business, can always upgrade their seat at the Las Vegas International Airport. The passengers can upgrade their seats as per the requirement. So, if you wish to have more legroom, want a carry-on bag and checked baggage, along with drink and snacks, and priority boarding, the passengers can upgrade their seats at the Las Vegas International Airport.

  • Baggage Allowance

The passengers can purchase up to three checked baggage to add to their flights. However, if the passenger has booked a nicer fare and is given free allowance of one free checked baggage, make sure that the bag doesn’t weigh up to fifty pounds, the bag must fit within the given dimensions by the airlines, which is 158cm. So, that the security checks can be done without hassle. 

  • Food and Beverage Options

Las Vegas International Airport has multiple food and beverage options throughout its terminals, including cafes, bars, and sit-down restaurants. Some of the popular options include Starbucks, the coffee bean, Shake Shack, Nathan’s famous, and Wolfgang Puck Express. Additionally, there are several grab and go markets and convenience stores available for snacks and drinks. 

  • Lost and Found 

The passengers often lose track of their baggage while at the airport or at the check-in counter, which is why the lost and found service at the airport actively looks for passenger’s lost baggage. So, if you fall under the same situation, you can contact the lost and found counter at E gate at the Las Vegas International Airport. The service staff will make sure that you are united with your baggage. 

  • Information booth 

Information booth is one of the very best counters offered to the passengers because the staff at the information booth provides assistance to all the passengers regardless of the class they are travelling in. You can also gather useful information about your flight reservation, cancellation, baggage, or about any other flight or airline policies from the information booth located at terminal one and terminal three baggage.

  • Kids Play Area and Gaming 

Travelling with your little munchkins and having ample time till the flight departs? Fret not! The interactive aviation themed mini control tower is a perfect time pass for your kids. The kids play area is a safe and sound option for your kids to have a fun time in the airport. 

  • Smoking Areas

There are smoking areas at the Harry Reid Las Vegas International Airport for the passengers who want to smoke at the moment. As you know that you can’t smoke everywhere and anywhere once you’ve entered the airport, smoking is prohibited inside the airport expect a few areas including:

  • Bud Track Lounge {Esplanade}
  • Enclosed Gaming Lounges {B, C, and D Gates}
  • Outdoors Near Ticketing & Baggage Claim 
  • Barney’s Lounge {C Gates} 

Additional services at the Airport 

Other than the above mentioned services at the Harry Reid International Airport, there are some other additional services provided at the airport for benefiting the passengers. Some of the other services include:

  • Charging stations for charging electrical devices such as mobile phones.  
  • Pet relief areas for passengers carrying their pets with themselves. 
  • Aviation museums for passengers wanting to spend their remaining time.
  • Fitness services, recharge zones, postal services, and meet and greet areas.

Lounges at Las Vegas Airport

Harry Reid Las Vegas International Airport consists of a few lounges for the passengers to sit and relax. Some of the lounges include: 

USO Lounge 

Harry Reid International Airport consists of two USO Lounges, one is located at terminal one while the other is located at terminal three.

  • USO Lounge at terminal one is accessible to passengers 24 hours a day. 
  • And, USO Lounge at terminal three is accessible to passengers from 8 am to 8 pm.

The passengers can enjoy certain amenities at the USO Lounges within three hours of their flight departure. Must note that you can only access the lounge on departure and not arrival. Here are some of the USO Lounge Facilities which you can use.

  • Wi-fi, TVs, and work areas with computers.
  • Snacks bar, refreshments, and lounge areas. 
  • Gaming, books and magazines. 
USO Lounges at Las Vegas Airport

The Centurion Lounge 

The Centurion Lounge is located at Concourse D, opposite to gate D1 at the Harry Reid International Airport. The lounge opens daily from 5 am to 11 pm daily, which means it operates nearly eighteen to nineteen hours for the passengers. Some of the Centurion lounge facilities are as follows: 

  • Business centre and a conference room.
  • Family room, showers to freshen up, and Wifi access
  • Full service bar along with self-service buffet with beverages.

The Club LAS

Harry Reid International Airport consists of two Club At LAS lounges. One is located at terminal 3, Concourse E, opposite gate E2, while the other is located at Concourse D, level 2, near gate D33. 

  • The Club LAS lounge at Terminal 3, Concourse E is accessible to passengers from 5 am to 12 pm.
  • The Club LAS lounge at Concourse D, Level 2, is accessible to passengers from 5 am to 12:30 pm. 

Some of the facilities provided at The Club LAS lounges are:

  • Digital newspapers and magazines along with business services.
  • First class lounge area with access to TV, Wifi, and snacks.
  • Bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to passengers.

United Club Lounge 

United Club Lounge at Harry Reid International Airport is located at Concourse D, between gates D33 and D35 on level 3. Some of the United Club Lounge facilities are as follows:

  • Business services
  • Full-bar services
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Access to Wi-fi and Television
  • Self serve buffet and snacks

Can everybody access the lounges at Harry Reid International Airport 

No, not everybody can have access to the lounges available at Harry Reid International Airport. The passengers must have a boarding pass to access the lounge for a fee or through certain credit cards. Nevertheless, the passengers either require a lounge membership or a qualified frequent flyer status to access the lounge.

Some of the leading airlines offer its business class and first class passengers access to the lounge at zero costs. Economy class passengers can have access to the lounges by paying a certain amount of money. You can always check with your providing carrier to have access to the lounges available at Harry Reid International Airport. 

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