Is there Wi-Fi on the Plane? Get Onboard Connectivity

Is there Wi-Fi on the Plane

An internet connection is vital in our daily lives, as we only do most of our work through the internet. Whether we are at home, in supermarkets, or at an airport, staying online has become a desire and a necessity. We can’t stay disconnected for long. In this case, you might be wondering whether you can also access the internet on a flight. 

When it comes to setting out on an air journey, airplanes offer various services to their passengers to stay connected, productive, and entertained throughout their journey. One of them is a Wi-Fi connection.

Do Planes Offer Wifi? Internet Connectivity Onboard

Do Planes Offer Wifi

So, it is evident that you will get the internet during your flight as well. However, only some airlines provide wifi service onboard. Some airlines even charge you a fee while others provide free wifi services. The flights with wifi facilities are as follows:

Airlines With Wi-Fi Facilities 
Air China Delta Air Lines Philippine Airlines
All Nippon Airlines United Airlines Nok Air Airlines 
Egypt Air AirlinesNorwegian United Airlines 
Cebu Pacific Airlines Qatar Airlines Southwest Airlines 
ANA AirlinesJetblue AirwaysSingapore Airlines 
Hong Kong Airlines China Eastern Airlines Virgin Atlantic Airlines 
Icelander AirlinesEmirates Airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines 
Jal Airlines Air Canada Airfrance Airlines 
Aer Lingus Airlines Lufthansa Airlines Hawaiian Airlines 

Note: JetBlue is the only US Airline that does not charge you for wifi or internet facilities.

How To Access Wifi On A Plane? 

There is going to be Wi-Fi on your flight! How cool. Now, all you need to know is how to gain access to it. Once you have paid the fee for the Wi-Fi, you are good to go. Here are some instructions you can follow to get online on your flight: 

  • Check Availability: Verify once if the plane provides you with Wi-Fi services and if it is included in your ticket, or ask the airline’s crew or staff members.
  • Connection: Once the flight crew member announces the availability, try connecting by opening your laptop or phone’s Wi-Fi.
  • Connecting to the network: Look for the wifi user name, which must only be indicated by the airline’s name. Then, connect it to the network. 
  • Browse and use: Once connected to the Wi-Fi, start using it by watching movies, web series, and other activities.
  • Stay connected Responsibly: Don’t download large or restricted files; follow the airline’s guidelines for using the network.
  • Stay Connected: Once you get connected to the flight network, stay connected, and remember to put the mobile on airplane mode when the flight is in turbulence.

Reasons To Connect To The Wifi On Board

There are multiple reasons why passengers may need wifi or internet access onboard, such as: 

  • It helps you connect with your close ones. 
  • It helps you get through any pending tasks. 
  • It helps you to stay entertained.
  • It also helps you with the signals up above 30,000 feet from the ground.

Alternatives For In Plane Wi-Fi

If you are traveling under a budget, you may reconsider your option of buying a Wi-Fi subscription for your flight. If you are concerned about getting bored on your flight, you can turn to in-flight entertainment services. Many airlines are equipped with movie-streaming devices and game consoles. Some provide magazines as well. 

However, you won’t be able to connect with your family or relatives. Neither would you be able to complete any task that requires the internet. If it is okay with you to keep these things on hold for a few hours during the flight, you are good to go. But if you really need internet on your flight, a few dollars won’t hurt.


You received your answer now. Airlines do provide Wi-Fi and internet services. Some offer it at a price, and others offer it for free. Which airlines are you flying with, and does it offer free Wi-Fi? If not, you can get an internet subscription for your flight at a minimal charge. You don’t know how it can enhance your flight experience. You will be able to connect and stay linked to your near ones, complete your pending online tasks, send urgent emails, stay entertained through social media, and much more.


How does Wi-Fi work on the plane?

Wi-Fi takes access from the satellite, which helps it provide a connection to the Wi-Fi network.

Why is the Internet important on flights?

It is used for various purposes, such as accessing social media, watching movies, and engaging in entertainment.

Why is the Internet important in aviation?

It is essential for safety measures to enhance operational measures and customer satisfaction.

Is wifi available on every flight?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available on every flight, but some airlines provide free access, and some do not. 

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