Breeze Airways In-Flight Services

Breeze Airways In-Flight Services

Not everyone starts small and expands rapidly but Breeze Airways did, taking its first flight from Tampa and now serving over thirty domestic destinations, Breeze came a long way. 

Generally, the passengers are aware of what to expect from their flying carrier, like some airlines charge for everything and some would cut the chase for their passengers such as Southwest allows passengers to take two free checked bags. So, what’s up with Breeze? What does Breeze Allow? What are its policies?

About Breeze Airways Aircraft

Breeze Airways inaugurated a fleet of 13 Embraer jet aircraft, which consists of two seats on each side of the aircraft aisle so that the passengers can avoid the nightmare of being stuck in the middle seat. Breeze Airways 10 E190 aircraft can seat up to 108 economy passengers while the E195 jets can seat up to 118 passengers at a time. 

Both the aircrafts contain two lavatories along with other services, bringing you peace of mind and a relaxing environment till you reach your final destination. 


Breeze airways has come up with the criteria of “nice, nicer, nicest”. 

  • Nice seats offer standard legroom seats for the passenger.
  • Nicer seats are set up towards the front of the aircraft offering extra legroom.
  • Nicest seats are only in the A220 Aircraft, being equivalent to first class seats; these are the most comfortable and relaxing seating provided by Breeze airways. 

The passengers travelling for a nice fare will not be allowed the opportunity of “seat selection”. If you look for an extra legroom, then reserving nicer seats is the best option for you. The passengers can upgrade their seats according to their requirement at any given time. 

Must knows about in-flight services 

Breeze airways offer only water and snacks to its passengers at the moment. However, it does not offer any in-flight entertainment or Wi-fi to the passengers flying with them, currently. The talk is about providing more comfort and entertainment to passenger’s journeys. 

Breeze airways, being a reasonable airline, provides low airfares to its passengers and describe themselves as the “seriously nice” airline.  

Final Thoughts 

Even if you are not currently planning to fly with Breeze Airways, it’s worth it to keep an eye on how rapidly they are expanding. Soon, the airline will expand its routes and provide passengers an expandable map to travel with them.

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