United Airlines Wifi Cost and Benefits 2024

United Airlines Wifi Cost And Benefits 2024

Connect to United Airlines WiFi service, and don’t miss out on your favourite TV shows. Nowadays, every passenger expects to have an inflight internet connection as it can enhance the overall experience. Not only that, it enables entertainment options on the devices and plays a crucial role in keeping you out of boredom. You must be wondering how United Airlines inflight WiFi connectivity works; you can find answers further in this post. Let’s discuss the cost of connecting to United Airlines’ internet and whether you will be able to stream or text free while on your flight. 

How To Get WiFi On United Airlines?

Connecting to and using the United Airlines WiFi is pretty easy, to be honest. You only have to download the United app before boarding the plane and follow these steps:

Connect to United Airlines inflight WiFi

Connect to United Airlines inflight WiFi

Once you board the plane, you have to turn on airplane mode; the real use of this feature is while you are on your plane. Make sure your WiFi is on and connect to United Airlines’ internet connection.  

Pay the Internet Charges

Of course, you have to pay for the usage. For this, open the unitedwifi.com website on your browser and select the relevant option to make the payment. You will have two options: you can either use the credit card or miles to pay for the service. Passengers can get United Airlines free wifi if they are T-mobile customers.

Surf and Enjoy

After the payment is successful, internet browsing will be enabled on your devices. You can send texts or important emails or stay connected to your social media until you arrive at your final destination. 

What’s The United Airlines WiFi Cost?

What’s The United Airlines WiFi Cost?

Apparently, the airline charges for using their Wi-fi connectivity on board. The United Airlines WiFi cost for the US domestic and short-haul foreign flights is $8 USD or 800 miles for passengers with a MileagePlus membership. For everyone else, the airline charges $10 USD for using United Airlines inflight WiFi. For the remaining flights, the internet cost is based on the destination and duration of your flight.

In addition, passengers holding MileagePlus cards can get a 25% return on purchased United Wi-Fi subscriptions, including a day pass. 

United Airlines WiFi Entertainment Benefits

United Airlines WiFi Entertainment Benefits

United Airlines inflight WiFi lets passengers stay connected to their work and access important documents. If you are on a long-haul flight, you can enable the entertainment option to light up your mood. Here’s what you will get with United Airlines inflight WiFi:

Send Texts for Free

With an internet connection enabled, you can start sending text messages for free. You can even use your favourite messaging platform applications, like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Message by Google. 

Stream Favourite TV Shows

Stream Favourite TV Shows

Switch on your ongoing TV shows or movies to kill the boredom. Watch big games or just surf the internet to light up your mood. Moreover, you can stream videos online on some of the selected flights operated by United Airlines. 

Keep Your Social Platforms Active

Keep Your Social Platforms Active

You can keep your social media presence active. Connect to United Airlines internet service and scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Post a photo or watch what your friends are up to using United Airlines inflight WiFi. 

Introducing United Airlines WiFi Day Pass

Introducing United Airlines WiFi Day Pass

Passengers can now purchase internet service from the airline for day usage instead of for the flight. Passengers who are enrolled in MileagePlus membership can purchase the United Airlines WiFi Day Pass for their entire trip. Purchase the plan while making the reservation or add it later to your flight. You can activate the pass by following these three easy steps:

  1. Turn on the WiFi and connect to the United Airlines WiFi.
  2. Open the browser and visit unitedwifi.com.
  3. Log in to your MileagePlus account and follow the on-screen instructions. 

United Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions

Passengers can start utilizing their Wi-Fi Day Pass an hour before their first flight of the day (the day of departure). It will stay valid for up to 24 hours. This will cost you the same amount as it would take to purchase the internet connection for individual flights in a 24-hour window. So, you can consider purchasing a day pass for your next flight. Meanwhile, go through the related terms and conditions:

  • United Airlines free WiFi Day Pass enables a limited permit to access the airline’s inflight network on aircraft equipped with WiFi facilities.
  • You cannot stream services with your free day pass. 
  • The pass holds no value once the usage validity expires. 
  • The pass is supplied by United Airlines, and no other party has the right to sell it. 
  • Passengers must note that the Wi-Fi day passes are non-refundable. You can claim a refund under certain conditions. 

United WiFi Subscription For Frequent Flyers

If you often travel with United Airlines, you may want to consider purchasing an internet subscription. This enables you to purchase a Wi-Fi subscription for a month or for a whole year in advance. United Airlines WiFi costs start from $49 or 7,500 miles a month. The following steps give a gist of how you can get this subscription. However, you must contact the United Airlines Chicago Office to get in-depth details for this service.

  1. Select the region where you want to utilize this service. It can be anywhere in North America and Central America or globally. 
  2. You can use a credit card or redeem miles to purchase the plan. 
  3. When you fly, connect to the Wi-Fi network, visit unitedwifi.com, and log in to your MileagePlus account. 

Terms and Conditions

Please note you can use the subscription only within the region you selected while purchasing it. However, you can modify the list anytime by logging in to your MileagePlus account. Also, it may take a day to process after you purchase the subscription. Thus, ensure that you get it a few days earlier than your next flight with United Airlines. If you are considering purchasing a United Airlines WiFi Subscription for a month or year in advance, you may want to check the following terms and conditions as well:

  • These subscriptions are non-refundable, and you cannot transfer them to another passenger.
  • The validity of an internet subscription is up to the term mentioned on the receipt while purchasing it. 
  • Passengers must note that this service is valid on flights operated by United Airlines only. In addition, the flight should depart within the applicable period and region. 
  • Streaming online services are not included under this subscription. However, you can stream services up to a certain limit for free on selected planes like the Boeing 737 MAX 9. 
  • These purchases are final and non-refundable. The airline does not guarantee inflight internet service. Therefore, the airline will not accept refund requests for non-functioning concerns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does United Airlines have wifi?

Yes, United Airlines offers onboard wifi connectivity to passengers on selected aircraft. Moreover, the airline provides a day pass and a month/year’s worth of subscriptions as well. 

Does United Airlines have wifi on international flights?

Yes, United Airlines provides internet connection on almost all aircraft and routes. It is available on US domestic and short-haul international flights. 

Does United Airlines have free wifi?

Passengers can get WiFi on United Airlines for free if they are a user of T-Mobile. While connecting to the internet service onboard, choose the T-Mobile logo and enter your phone number. 

How much is wifi on United Airlines?

The cost of wifi on United Airlines is $8 USD or 800 miles for MileagePlus members on US domestic and short-haul international flights. For others, it is $10 USD. On remaining destinations, the cost depends on the selected route and flight duration. 

How much is the United Wi-Fi day pass?

United Wi-Fi day pass costs the same as the onboard internet plan, i.e. $8 USD or 800 miles for domestic and short-haul foreign flights. 

How fast is the United Wi-Fi?

The speed of WiFi on United Airlines is pretty average. The downloading speed is 600 kb per second, and it takes approximately 300 kb per second to upload. 

Does United first come with Wi-Fi?

United First does come with added inflight entertainment services like DirecTV. However, passengers will still have to pay a little extra to purchase the onboard Wi-Fi service. 

How much does a United Airlines internet subscription cost for a month?

If you plan to purchase a month full of United Airlines internet subscription, it will cost you around $49. If you choose to pay with miles, it will cost 7,500 miles.

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