Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages (2024 Best Deals)

Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages

Spirit Airlines does have vacation packages that are available for purchase through its official website. It offers flights with hotel accommodations and other necessary travel activities. More interestingly, you can enjoy exclusive rental services and price discounts to fly to destinations like Las Vegas, Orlando, Cancun, and many more. Get an all-inclusive flight ticket for your trip without needing to book lodging separately. Spirit Airlines offers vacation package deals where passengers can save up to 30% when bundling their flight, hotel, or car. This makes traveling easier at the best prices. The airline also comes up with limited-time offers where you can save up to half the ticket price and earn free points.

Score Exclusive Deals On Spirit Flights & Hotels

Score Exclusive Deals On Spirit Flights & Hotels

Spirit Airlines has a variety of ongoing exclusive deals on vacation packages, providing passengers with up to 50% discount on destinations within the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Some of the most famous deals for a period of a short time include:

  • Discounts of up to 40% at the STRAT Hotel Tower in Las Vegas.
  •  25% discount at MGM Resort in Las Vegas.
  •  Up to 30% off at Fontainebleau Las Vegas and more.

Not to mention, the airline cut down prices by 30% on the included resorts at Royal Uno Resort and Spa. A discount of 35% on Caesars Entertainment Hotel in Atlantic City and Reno. Lastly, the Spirit Airlines vacation package also lets you save 30% on station casinos in Las Vegas. Well, this doesn’t end here; if you add ski or spring break destinations and car rentals with Avis, the airline may slash an additional amount. 

Guide To Book Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages

Guide To Book Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages

The procedure is quite simple. You just have to follow a few easy steps to book yourself a bundle of accommodation and car rental with a flight ticket. If you need any help or have questions related to booking, you can contact the airline’s employee for assistance or visit Spirit Airlines Miramar Office

  1. Open your browser and search the official webpage of Spirit Airlines. 
  2. Navigate the page and click the “Vacation” tab at the topmost menu bar.
  3. Provide departure city name, destination, travel dates, and the number of passengers in a group. 
  4. The page will display Spirit Airlines’ available vacation packages that fit your travel needs and budget. 
  5. You can even customize the provided bundle by adding other options such as fun activities, travel insurance, and rental vehicles. 
  6. Lastly, select seats and check if any additional requests or changes are required. In the last step, confirm the booking and pay the charges by entering your payment information. 

Exciting Benefits Of Booking Holiday Packages on Spirit

Exciting Benefits Of Booking Holiday Packages on Spirit

If you are going on an extended vacation, we recommend booking a package with Spirit Airlines with some realistic benefits. This will make your travel more convenient and less pricey than it would be when you book everything separately. We have laid out some key benefits in this section for your better understanding. 

  1. Budget-friendly Travel – When you add multiple options to your package, the airline gives you a discount on the total amount. So, you can travel to your favorite destination without spending much on the flight and more on exploring the city. 
  2. Timely Deals on Flights – The airline often announces heavy discounts and other promotional sales on its vacation page to attract more customers. You can easily reserve your deal by purchasing one online through its website. 
  3. Package with All Essentials – Spirit Airlines vacation package offers an all-inclusive deal with flight tickets, lodging, rented vehicles, and other activities. You can customize your package by adding extra services. 
  4. 24/7 Customer Assistance – Spirit Airlines is always there for you. It offers round-the-clock assistance to passengers booking packages and makes sure that every query is solved in jiffy.
  5. Comfort and Flexibility –  One of the prominent benefits of purchasing a Spirit Airlines vacation package is that it offers flexibility and convenience. You can select a bundle according to your preference without stepping outside your house, which saves you a lot of time. 
  6. Wide Range of Options –  The airline provides multiple holiday package options. You can explore cities across the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, etc. It is up to you which one you want to choose and pay for. 
  7. Seamless Trip Planning –  With vacation packages, you do not have to spend days planning a perfect itinerary. Spirit Airlines does the job for you and lists different options on the website. No extensive research is required anymore. 
  8. Added Benefits –  Passengers with booked vacation packages on Spirit Airlines may get additional perks like in-house breakfast at select venues and free upgrades on rental car services, which all together make your travel experience even better. 


In conclusion, passengers planning a long or holiday vacation can rely on vacation packages. It is not only convenient but also an economical way to explore other destinations. Spirit Airlines vacation packages have received good reviews from other passengers as they include flights, accommodations, and perks like sightseeing, attraction tours, car rentals, and other options. Stay up to date with the limited offers listed on the website to grab the best one for your future trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spirit Airlines have vacation packages?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offers its customers vacation packages with curated flight tickets, hotel bookings, and other additional services.  

How Early Should One Book Vacation Package On Spirit Airlines?

According to our research, if you plan to purchase vacation packages on Spirit Airlines, book them at least three days before the day of travel. 

Does Spirit give you a hotel?

Yes, Spirit Airlines includes a hotel stay in vacation packages and offers 30% to 35% off on your accommodation bookings. 

What is the phone number of the Spirit Airlines vacation package?

Call 1-833-962-0984 to seek assistance while booking Vacation Packages with Spirt Airlines. 

What is offered under Spirit Airlines all-inclusive vacation deals?

Spirit Airlines’ all-inclusive vacation packages offer lodging, rental vehicles, flight tickets, and other activities you want to enjoy in the desired location. 

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