Tips to Book Southwest Flight at Low Prices 2024

Cheap Southwest Flights

Even though it is a low-cost carrier, you will still find some ways to get cheap Southwest flights. With our best advice, you can plan your trip at a reasonable price. We have shared possible ways to help you get a discount on flight bookings. Aside from that, the airline consistently comes out with promo codes, sales, and limited-time offers for its passengers. So, if you are wondering about planning a future trip, learn how to get cheap Southwest flights.

How To Get Cheap Southwest Flights?

We are sharing some tips that are useful for booking cheap flights on Southwest Airlines. By applying these strategies, you can increase your chances of getting tickets at reasonable prices. 

Book As Early As You Can

Book As Early As You Can

One of the best ways to book a flight ticket on Southwest is by making the reservation in advance. Prices are comparatively lower if you book early, especially during peak season travel. Thus, if you can, you must plan your trip in the off-season months to enjoy low fares. If you fly close to festival season, you are guaranteed to experience a hike in flight prices. 

Travel Date Flexibility

Travel Date Flexibility

Having flexibility with the travel date can help you find cheaper flights. Consider flying on weekdays or during the off-season to potentially save money on your trip. Tickets tend to cost more during peak travel times and on weekends. So, if you can make changes to your travel date, choose the weekdays and off-season months for the trip. 

Use Southwest’s Low Fare Calendar

Use Southwest’s Low Fare Calendar

Apparently, passengers can visit Southwest’s official website and search for the lowest fare by month. On the page, you can check the flight prices by providing the name of the origin and destination city, along with departure and return dates. The site will display the possible route rates for different months. Afterward, you can plan your journey accordingly. 

Join Rapid Rewards

Join Rapid Rewards

Consider enrolling in Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program and earn bonus points on taken flights. This also makes you eligible to get special discounts and offers on future flights with the airline. More interestingly, collective points can lead to free or discounted flights for your next trip. 

Consider Booking Connecting Flights

Direct or non-stop flights can cost more money to book. In comparison, connecting flights are much cheaper. Most passengers demand direct flights, and this leads to a spike in prices. Eventually, the airline offer low fares on flights with layovers to fill the empty seats. If time is not a constraint, you can definitely get an affordable rate on connecting flights. 

Check For Promo Codes And Deals

Check For Promo Codes And Deals

Keep an eye out for Southwest promo codes, deals, sales, and limited-time offers on flights. Using these options can provide significant discounts during bookings. You can use promo codes on eligible flights when booking on their official website. Mind you, these offers are not eligible for bookings made via third-party agencies. 

Pack Light Bags 

Pack Light Bags 

Booking just a cheap fare is not enough. You must consider packing light if you want to avoid additional fee charges. Fortunately, the airline provides free baggage allowance. So, take advantage of this policy and carry bags only up to the no-fee limit. Otherwise, oversized or overweight bags will incur additional charges. 

Get Southwest Companion Pass

Get Southwest Companion Pass

Southwest companion pass lets you travel with a partner of your choice, and the plus-one ticket is completely free. To earn the pass, you must have taken at least 100 qualifying one-way flights or already have 135,000 flight points in a calendar year. This will make you qualify for a Companion Pass for the complete year. Interestingly, it offers you flexibility in changing the companion passenger up to three times a year. 

Sign Up For Fare Alerts

There are multiple ways to get alerts related to fare promo codes, sales, and other limited offers. You can sign up for the emails and receive notifications about the great deals. The airline offers an automated text service. If you text FLYDEALS to 70139 to sign up, you will get notifications on your cell phones. To opt out of the service, just type STOP into the same number, and you will no longer receive the alert messages. 

At Last

All in all, it is possible to score great deals while booking flights on Southwest Airlines. As discussed above, there are many ways to make a significant drop in ticket fares. You can use the sorting tool on the website to search for the lowest fares or get the Low Fare Calendar to check flight prices day-wise in a month. To get alerted on when the sales start, you sign up to receive timely texts. However, if you are flying on holidays or during peak season, the tickets will be costlier than usual.  

Frequently asked questions 

Do Southwest flights get cheaper last minute?

No, Southwest flights get expensive when you book closer to the day of travel. 

What day are Southwest flights the cheapest?

Book flights in advance of the departure date because if you book close to the travel date, the tickets are typically expensive. 

Where does Southwest have $29 fares?

You can get flight deals as cheap as $29 on single-way routes from the Bay Area to Southern California locations such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, Lake Tahoe, and San Diego.

Is it cheaper to book a round trip on Southwest?

There will be no difference between booking a round trip and two one-way fares. It will cost you the same both ways.

Does Southwest ever have promo codes?

Yes, Southwest allows passengers to use promo codes during flight booking for significant discounts on the purchase. 

What time does Southwest drop prices?

There is no official specific time when Southwest drops fare prices. However, try booking on Tuesday at 3 p.m. Eastern time, and you may notice relatively low fares. 

How often does Southwest Airlines have a sale?

Southwest provides fare sales twice every year. One starts in June for travel during mid-August and just before the Christmas season. The other one starts in August for the remaining travel. 

What time of day does Southwest release new flights?

Southwest Airlines releases new flight batches and dates every four to ten weeks between 7:00 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. ET.

Do Southwest prices go down on Tuesday?

As per some studies, the prices of flights often seem to drop on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Flights booked for weekend travels are often expensive. 

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