8 Best Airlines To Fly To Guatemala at Cheapest Fare in 2024

Best Airlines To Fly To Guatemala

You’ve landed on just the right page. Airlines that top our list are Spirit Airlines, Volaris, Avianca, and American Airlines. Guatemala is a place for breathtaking landscapes and locations rich in culture. Located in Central America, its boundaries are connected with four countries: Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize. Having said that, Guatemala is a destination that attracts travelers from all around the world. If you are planning to visit this Central American gem, planning the right itinerary is important. The first step is to choose the best airlines to fly to Guatemala to enhance your travel experience. Here’s what we have gathered for you — affordable airlines to the destination, non-stop flights, and the best time to visit the location. 

Affordable and Best Airlines to fly to Guatemala

Like many travelers, you would also want to book cheap flights to Guatemala. There are several airlines that operate flights to the destination. However, our goal is to choose an airline that promises a comfortable journey at an affordable price. We have searched broadly to find the best carrier that can take you to the “land of eternal spring,” Guatemala. The list below includes renowned carriers like JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, Copa Airlines, etc. So, you can rely on our research to choose the right airline for your trip. 

1. Volaris Airlines

Being a major flag carrier of Mexico, Volairs Airlines offers some amazing combinations of affordable fares and good inflight services. The airline does not compromise when it comes to serving customers. This is a great option if you are departing from major cities of the United States — Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Keep track of these routes to Guatemala, as the airline often sells out direct flights at unbeatable prices. 

Passengers are promised a comfortable journey to Guatemala as the airline operates in a modern fleet of Airbus. In addition, you are getting sufficient inflight entertainment, so a pleasant journey is guaranteed. 

Volaris Airlines is popularly known for its budget-friendly approach towards its customers. Making flight tickets accessible to passengers at a reasonable rate has been a priority since the airline entered the industry. 

The airline has shifted its focus to sustainability. It is operating flights in the flag country’s newly introduced fleet with fuel-saving Sharklets. This helps in minimizing the impact on the environment. Volaris is eco-friendly, covering its airports spread across Mexico, the US, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.  It can be your best pick. 

2. JetBlue Airways

Looking for the Best airlines to fly to Guatemala from the USA? Look no further! JetBlue Airways is our choice for affordable flights with unbeatable services and comfort. 

Traveling to Guatemala with JetBlue Airways is an easy task, especially if you are departing from key hubs like JFK (New York), FLL (Fort Lauderdale), and MCO (Orlando). You will get various options of non stop flights to Guatemala at these hubs.

A joyous flight experience is guaranteed once you board the flight to the destination. Times fly by when you travel with spacious seats, free internet facilities, and tasty food options. You can enquire more by connecting with the JetBlue Airlines Guatemala office for flight details. It is always these small things that add up and make your journey memorable. Trust us and consider Jetblue for your next trip to Guatemala.

3. Spirit Airlines

Another airline on the list is Spirit Airlines. You must have heard about this airline. It is among the best low-cost carriers that promise to offer reasonable flight tickets to its customers. However, luxury is not what’s promised here. You can choose Spirit Airlines simply if you want to save money on your trip to Guatemala. 

Spirit Airlines offers only basic and important services to keep its tickets pretty cheap and accessible to all passengers. Services like in-flight internet, checked bags, etc., are considered extra amenities. You can add them to your booking for a fee. This also gives you flexibility in managing your travel costs. 

Nevertheless, Spirit still catches the eye when it’s a discussion of the cheapest flights to Guatemala.  If not opulence, the feeling of joy is what every traveler experiences with the airline. The airline offers several routes from US cities to Guatemala, including Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando. If you are from these cities, pick up a Spirit flight when available. 

4. American Airlines

Now, let’s discuss the OG, American Airlines. The carrier provides flights to Guatemala from various cities in the United States, including Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Denver, and Las Vegas. It has a reputed network with an Oneworld alliance membership and the largest fleet size. 

Like any other major carrier, American Airlines offers comfortable air travel to Guatemala. Get inflight amenities and free snacks and drinks included in your ticket, and experience a pleasant journey. 

American Airlines operations are controlled by its headquarters in Forth Worth, Texas. Its major hubs are located in Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles, from where you can find direct flights to Guatemala. You are bound to find a route suitable for your schedule with American Airlines.

5. Avianca Airlines

As of 2024, Avianca Airlines is offering non-stop flights to Guatemala City from Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and Boston. Additionally, the airline flies from every corner of the world, including the Caribbean, the United States, and Europe. Speak with the representative at the Avianca Airlines Guatemala office and book a ticket now!

Aviance has been in the industry for a long time now. The airline has already made its name in the market by offering cost-effective flights to Guatemala City. Fortunately, being a budget-friendly carrier, Avianca does not skip on inflight amenities. You get spacious seating options and onboard entertainment, contributing to an enjoyable experience. 

At the same time, the airline provides you with a wide range of route networks at a competitive fare price to its customers. Avianca gets travelers from its major hub, Bogotá’s El Dorado International Airport, to Guatemala. 

6. Air Canada

Air Canada is truly the best airline to fly from North America to any city, including Guatemala. It is among the founding airlines of Star Alliance. So, you already know it’s trustworthy. 

Air Canada flies to Guatemala City from Toronto and Vancouver by operating daily flights. The airline already serves over 190 destinations covering six continents —– it is your best choice in international airlines. 

Moreover, the carrier is praised for its inflight-flight services and other amenities. Your flight is likely to be operated by either Airbus or Boeing aircraft, both of which perform impressively. The airline has a suitable cabin for every need — Air Canada’s Signature Class, Premium Economy, and Economy Class. Passengers can travel in the lap of luxury or choose to cut down their costs by traveling at low fares. Air Canada is the best airline to fly to Guatemala if you want to travel in comfort and luxury. 

7. Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines is also included in the list of best airlines to fly to Guatemala. This airline is a flag carrier of Panama, which itself is located in Central America. Copa was planted early in 1947 and has worked hard to get to where it is today. 

The airlines now offer services throughout America. Travelers from the United States cities like Boston, Chicago, and Denver can connect to Guatemala with Copa Airlines. Not only that, but the airline also offers flights to the farthest locations, including Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada.  So, if you are interested, the Copa Airlines Guatemala office will assist you with the further procedure. 

The airline is popularly known for its on-time services. If you choose to fly to Guatemala with Copa Airlines, you will sense the comfort of flying in an all-Boeing fleet. Passengers are eligible for complimentary food and beverages. In addition, inflight entertainment keeps you out of boredom. 

Whether it’s a direct flight or a flight with a layover, Copa offers quality services to ensure a memorable journey to Guatemala. 

8. British Airways

Lastly, we present you British Airways as one of the best airlines to fly to Guatemala. The airline is equivalent to American Airlines and Air Canada. It is a flag carrier of the United Kingdom, offering premium economy as well as first-class services to its passengers from around the globe. Be it the British Isles, Australia, or the Far East, British Airways is serving every corner of the world. 

They do it not in the name of just doing it; they focus on customer satisfaction as well. The airline provides fares catering to every type of passenger. Budget-conscious passengers can opt for economy and premium economy tickets (with a hint of luxury). If you want to experience full luxury, then go for its business and first class.  All in all, you get amazing services and a delicious food selection in every cabin of the airline. 

Overall, services, together with its exceptional fleet, lead to a pleasant journey to Guatemala. As compared to other big airlines, you would pay less for these fares and amenities. 

Cheapest Time To Fly To Guatemala

To make the most of your travel budget, we recommend choosing the off-peak seasons to visit Guatemala. Generally, lower fare prices are witnessed from September to November. This way, you can explore the beauty of the destination without emptying your pockets. 

Moreover, the best time to visit Guatemala depends on whether you’re planning your trip. The city is famous for its tropical climate. However, every season is best to travel to Guatemala. However, if you don’t want the rainy season to spoil your travel experience, you may consider the following points:

  • Winter Season (December to February): Guatemala is a popular choice for people residing in countries in the northern hemisphere. The rains are no longer pouring at this time, and the sun is always out, making the weather pleasantly warm.  During this season, there is a spike in hotel rates and airfares as the location witnesses a large flow of tourists.
  • Spring Season (March to May): The crowd of tourists is relatively less, and you can book flights and hotel rooms at reasonable prices. The weather would be warm and dry. 
  • Autumn Season (September to November): Autumn days are spent witnessing heavy downpours. These days are the wettest up until mid-October. In some regions like Tilak and the north side, the rainy season stays up to November. If you are a fan of cozy seasons, you will get cheap fares to Guatemala during Autumn. 

Wrap Up!

Lastly, everything comes down to your choice and preference. Whatever your decision is, we hope you find the Best Airlines To Fly To Guatemala through our blog. Before finalizing anything, do not forget to compare the prices of available flights. Also, check whether the airline is able to meet your travel requirements or not. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Which airline would be the best to book the US To Guatemala flights?

JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, and Volaris are some of the best airlines to fly to Guatemala. 

Which airlines offer non stop flights for Guatemala?

Airlines that often fly nonstop to Guatemala are Avianca, Delta, Volaris, United, and Alaska Airlines. 

What is the fastest flight to Guatemala?

The short flight to Guatemala from the United States takes around 3 hours 30 minutes or less, takes off from Miami International Airport (MIA), and lands at La Aurora Airport (GUA)

Where should I fly into Guatemala?

Most international airlines land their passengers at La Aurora International Airport (GUA).

How do I get from the USA to Guatemala?

Many USA airlines like American Airlines, JetBlue, and Copa Airlines offer the cheapest flight to Guatemala from cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

How far is a flight from New York to Guatemala?

The shortest flight to Guatemala from New York takes around 4 hours 50 minutes approx. 

What is the best month to visit Guatemala?

The best time to witness the beauty of Guatemala is January, February, March, April, November, and December. During these months, the weather is nice and warm. 

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