MSP Security Wait Times – Minneapolis-St. Paul Global Airport

MSP Security Wait Times

Minneapolis-St. Paul Global Air terminal (MSP), situated in the clamoring province of Minnesota, is a noticeable worldwide air terminal that fills in as an entryway for explorers in America. 

At MSP Air terminal, travelers have encountered both the best and worst wait times at the security checkpoints inside the office. The efficiency of the security interactions can fundamentally influence your general air terminal experience, whether you’re leaving out traveling or showing up back home.

In this article, we dive into the area of Minneapolis-St. Paul Worldwide -msp security wait times at the Air terminal, outfitting you with organized information and basic data. 

Whether you’re a local explorer or visiting the magnificent region of Minnesota, this article is your go-to resource for everything associated with security wait times at MSP airport. 

Go along with us as we reveal the mysteries behind security wait times at MSP airport as I assist you with exploring the airport effortlessly. 

Minneapolis-St. Paul Global Airport (MSP)

There are total 2 Terminal gates in MSP, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2,

MSP Operates – 163 destinations, including 136 domestic and 27 international markets. 

Estimated cost to airlines per enplaned passenger:- $6.32 

Connecting passengers:- 40% 

Original Passengers– 60% 

Terminal 1 – 104 gates 

Terminal 2 – 14 gates

MSP Airport Security Wait Times

MSP Airport Security Wait Times

According to Pacific standard time, TSA expects to arrive before 21 minutes on average to easily go through msp airport security wait time. 

Types of Security Checkpoints at MSP Airport

MSP Airport

In the following locations, you can check TSA security checkpoint services available at Terminal 1: 

TSA-operated security checkpoints can be found in different areas of Terminal 1. 

North and South checkpoints are arranged on the Ticketing level and are open to all travelers. 

Be that as it may, the Skyway Security Checkpoint on the Concourse C/G connector bridge is briefly shut, including the related KCM entrance. 

In any case, the automated exit in that area stays open day in and day out.

Checkpoint #7, Situated on Concourse G, this checkpoint is explicitly assigned for worldwide associating passengers. It serves as the assigned security wait times at MSP for travelers interfacing with worldwide flights.

It’s necessary to take note of the security checkpoint beforehand serving the InterContinental Inn at MSP Airport.

Visitors remaining at the lodging can use an inn transport administration to arrive at the terminal.

For more information, visitors are encouraged to ask at the front work area of the hotel.

Security Checkpoint at Terminal 2

Security Checkpoint at Terminal 2

Terminal 2 at the airport features two security checkpoints situated on Level 2, conveniently located near the skyways connecting the Orange and Purple Parking Ramps.

Checkpoint 1 works from 4:00 a.m. until the takeoff of the last scheduled flight, ensuring that travelers have a more than adequate chance to go through security methods and board their flights.

On the other hand, Checkpoint 2 is primarily utilized during peak travel periods, ensuring efficient and smooth security processing for passengers during busier times.

These strategically positioned security checkpoints in Terminal 2 provide convenient access for travelers, offering them a hassle-free experience while maintaining high-security standards.

TSA Pre Checkpoints 

North Checkpoint – North checkpoint 

South CheckpointSouth Checkpoints

Terminal Humphrey Humphrey Checkpoint 1

Passengers who enrolled themselves or are eligible for PreCheck TSA checkpoint screening find the checkpoints which are open. 

While going through the TSA security check, travelers are suggested to not remove their shoes and carry aerosols, liquids, and 3-1-1 complaint liquid in their bag. Wear a comfortable outfit, and do not carry your laptop bag with you. 

Minneapolis – MSP TSA Wait Times

MSP TSA Wait Times

AM Times

PM Times

12 am – 1 am0.0 mins
1 am – 2 am0 mins
2 am – 3 am0 mins
3 am – 4 am0.0 mins
4 am – 5 am20.1 mins
5 am – 6 am19.6 mins
6 am – 7 am16.7 mins
7 am – 8 am19.1 mins
8 am – 9 am19.9 mins
9 am – 10 am18.6 mins
10 am – 11 am22.7 mins
11 am – 12 pm17.1 mins
12 pm – 1 pm16.2 mins
1 pm – 2 pm22.2 mins
2 pm – 3 pm15.5 mins
3 pm – 4 pm17.1 mins
4 pm – 5 pm10.3 mins
5 pm – 6 pm13.6 mins
6 pm – 7 pm6.1 mins
7 pm – 8 pm20.1 mins
8 pm – 9 pm27.3 mins
9 pm – 10 pm22.8 mins
10 pm – 11 pm31.1 mins

Security Wait Times at MSP 

The wait time at the MSP airport can vary due to several reasons, like TSA staff, construction at the site, extreme weather, and many uncertain situations. 

Security wait time at MSP can be forecast using flight volume information and the staffing model of TSA. The Airport uses advanced analysis skills to retrieve information about the wait times at MSP. 

TSA recommends travelers arrive in advance at the Airport before their scheduled flight. TSA also provides security checkpoint wait list details as a guide to help passengers plan their journey. 

Whenever you travel, please make sure you check your airline ticket counter wait time prior to your visit. Make sure you also check your flight schedule, its arrival and departure, as this information will help you to arrive at the correct time at the Airport. 

Note: Each airline has its arrival time, sometimes it’s stricter than some. 

CLEAR – An advanced biometric technology that offers expedited access is used at airports to pass security processes using fingerprints or irises, enabling them to identify travelers. Kiosks are also available at the North and South checkpoints of Terminal 1. You can visit and sign in for membership to access more information. 

MSP Reserve 

Passengers flying out of Terminal 2 can use the newly introduced pilot program, MSP RESERVE, at the TSA security checkpoint screening area. THE MSP RESERVE program is free and optional to participate for passengers of Terminal 2. 

MSP RESERVE service is helpful for passengers to take complete control of their airport travel, with a similarly high standard of security at all TSA security checkpoints. 

Global Entry 

A program designed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection(CBP) that enables speed clearance for pre-approved travelers upon their arrival in the U.S. 

To qualify for the program, there is no minimum number of trips necessary to complete for frequent international travelers. 

You can access the Global entry service at both terminals. The Global Entry interview place is near baggage carousel #11 at the baggage claim level. 

Access more information from: 

Website: | Phone: 877-227-5511| Global Entry T1 map

MSP Terminal 1 Security Wait Times

 The MSP airport terminal 1 is at Lindbergh; these checkpoints are on gates A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. 

MSP terminal security 1 wait times (North and South) are at the ticketing level, TSA security checkpoints. Passengers can use TSA PreCheck and CLEAR programs at south security checkpoints. Other tourists of standard, first class/sky priority, and CLEAR users must access the North checkpoint. 

Schedule of CLEAR Queue and Enrollment

  • South Checkpoint: 4:30 am to 7:00 pm
  • North Checkpoint: 4:30 am to 7:00 pm. 
  • Checkpoint at Skyway security: #10:- Location – On C/G connector bridge. Scheduled hours:- Monday to Friday:- 5:30 am to 1:15 pm.
  • Security Checkpoint #7 – Location: TSA checkpoint gate G, it only connects international travelers.

MSP Terminal 2 security wait Times

Security Checkpoint 1

  • Name of  Terminal 2 security wait Times: Humphrey
  • Checkpoint Gate: H
  • Location: Near Orange and Purple Parking Ramp Skyways
  • Operating Hours: 3:30 am to the last scheduled departure

Security Checkpoint 2

  • Location: close to Checkpoint 1
  • Operating Hour: At peak travel times

There are many facilities passengers enjoy at MSP airport, including hotels, bars, cafeterias, gift shops, duty-free, local souvenir stores, shopping stores, shoe shine stations, and massage shops. Access to free Wi-Fi services and currency exchange counters.

Valuable Tips if you are traveling to MSP Airport from around the world

  • Use an interactive terminal map to navigate your way to your designated gate; you can get information on restaurants and shopping stores on the map. 
  • Once you pass the security wait times at msp, you can explore many options and visit multiple restaurants and shops at the airport.
  • You have access to free Wi-Fi at the airport, and you can catch up on those emails.
  • If you lose something at the airport, make sure to contact lost and found at MSP airport.

MSP Security Wait Times (FAQs)

What time do security lines open at MSP? 

TSA precheck opens from 4am to 8pm. 

Is MSP a busy airport?

MSP airport is the busiest airport in the US; it ranked 16th in North America. The data shows in 2022, 31.2 million travelers arrived at MSP

How long does MSP security take? 

TSA wait times at MSP are usually based on the current Pacific standard time). It is generally expected to wait up to 25 min to pass msp airport security wait times. 

Does MSP use mobile passports?

Yes! MSP airport offers its travelers a Mobile passport control service. It is the 13th US airport to offer this facility. 

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