How To Add TSA Precheck To Alaska?

How To Add TSA Precheck To Alaska

Alaska Airlines passengers can add the TSA precheck service to their new or existing reservations via the website or the mobile application. The steps are detailed in the next section, let’s read a quick and brief intro to the TSA. 

TSA or Transport Security Administration allows trusted passengers of an airline to clear the security line within a few minutes. It does not require the removal of belts, laptops, electronic devices, and other questionable clothing items and accessories. Scanning and other security procedures are simplified for passengers who qualify for the TSA guidelines. 

How Do I Add TSA Precheck to Alaska Airlines?

Step-by-Step Guide to Add TSA Precheck Number to Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines now offers a new feature that automatically updates your KTN (Known Traveler Number) to all the reservations. You need to once add it in the profile section and it will pick it from the information section and will highlight bookings made via the Alaska website or mobile app. While for reservations that were made by some other party or account, you can add it later by using the steps in the later section. 

Passengers who qualify for the credibility test prepared by the Department of Homeland Security. Hopefully, you must be a member who is looking for steps on how to add TSA precheck to Alaska boarding pass. But, if you have not yet, then you can visit the official website of the Transport Security Administration and fill out the form to become a member of the same. It allows you numerous benefits with early security clearance due to less requirement to remove the accessories and clothing. Moreover, your 12 years or younger will be able to accompany you during the security check. 

How to Add TSA Precheck to New Reservations 

ow to Add TSA Precheck to New Reservations 

To avail of the benefit of TSA precheck, an individual must add the KTN number received to the Alaska reservations. It can be added via the mobile app or the website. These are the steps for the people who have not booked the ticket yet. It is a one time addition that will update all your other reservations with the airline. 

How to Add TSA Precheck Number to the Mobile Application or the Website 

How to Add TSA precheck number to the Mobile Application or the Website 
  1. Open the app or the website on your personal devices. 
  2. On the very top, you will find the My Profile section. 
  3. Select the Traveler Profiles link in this section. 
  4. Here, you will see an ‘Edit my profile’ option, click on it.
  5. To add the number, keep scrolling until you find the Known Traveler section. 
  6. Enter your number in this tab. 
  7. Finally, click on Save. 

Now your number is permanently saved to the profile. Whenever you book a new flight with Alaska, it will be automatically updated. 

How Can I add my TSA PreCheck to an Existing Reservation?

The steps to add the TSA precheck facility to your existing reservation is equally easy. Either you have not added the KTN number to your profile or booked the tickets from another unknown account, use these steps to add the TSA precheck to the existing reservation. It is possible by the website or mobile application. 

Mobile Application 

Mobile Application 
  1. Download and open the Alaska Airlines application on your device. 
  2. You will find a Trips section, click on it. 
  3. Choose the reservation you want to add to the precheck. 
  4. Amongst the names included in the reservation, click on the names to check the TSA number and links. 
  5. Enter the KTN number under your name and click on save.


  1. Visit Alaska Airlines’ website. 
  2. Click on the My Profile section present at the very top of the page. 
  3. Select the purchased reservations link in this section. 
  4. Now on this current page, click on the “Enter Additional Travel info” option. 
  5. Enter the Known Traveler number and save it for the upcoming journey. 

After check-in, the TSA precheck is coded on the boarding pass if you have entered the correct details.  At the airport, visit the TSA security line and the guard over there will scan the barcode on the pass and will let you clear the line after completing the quick procedure of TSA. 


The TSA precheck allows passengers to clear the security line very easily as their background check already qualifies the eligibility criteria for a trusted traveler. Alaska Airlines has also collaborated to incorporate this feature for its passengers to easily be able to clear the security and smooth boarding further. The steps on how to add TSA precheck to Alaska is given for the new bookings and the existing ones. Check out the details based on what stage of the booking you are in. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I add my TSA precheck to Alaska Airlines?

Alaska passengers can add the TSA precheck through the mobile application or the website. Add the Known Traveler Number to the profile for automatic updates on the reservation.

Can I add my TSA PreCheck to an existing reservation?

TSA Precheck can be added to the existing reservations by updating the profile in the Trips section of the website or the mobile application. 

What is a Known Traveler Number?

A known Traveler Number is a type of membership proof for passengers who qualified the credibility test the TSA. Members who have this number can add this to their reservation details and clear the security line without any hassle. 

How to add a TSA precheck to Alaska Boarding pass?

Add the KTN to the Alaska reservations and it will be reflected on your boarding pass. 

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