Alaska Airlines Newark Terminal Guide (2024 Updates)

What Terminal is Alaska Airlines at Newark

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal B at the Newark International Airport. The airline flies to various domestic and international destinations from this port. Call the (800) 426-0333 terminal staff for any flight-related enquiry.

Newark Liberty International Airport serves three nearby surroundings due to its location. There are three terminals at the airport, named as, terminal A, B, and C. Approximately 30 plus airlines operate from here. If you have a scheduled flight from the port, then find the detailed description for what terminal is Alaska Airlines at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Address3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, United States
Using Terminal NameTerminal B
Airlines Working Hours5:00 am – 9:00 pm PT, daily

Find Alaska Airlines Newark Terminal And Services

Find Alaska Airlines Newark Terminal And Services

As previously mentioned, Alaska Airlines is at terminal 2 of Newark Airport. This terminal has all the facilities required to enhance the guest’s experience and makes boarding easy and hassle-free. For Alaska Airlines, you can find all the services at the same place but at different levels.  

There are three floors at the Alaska Newark terminal. Each has a set of services making it easy to find the necessary counters and facilities. On the other hand, to avoid confusion and wastage of time you should pre-confirm the level where Alaska services are located. 

Departures and Arrivals for Alaska Flights 

Alaska Airlines passengers can board the flight from terminal B of the Newark Liberty Airport. All of its flight schedules are operated from this terminal. 

The second floor is dedicated to international arrivals. Similarly, a space is reserved for departures. Get the exact information on the gates used by checking what terminal is Alaska at Newark from the boarding pass. 

Baggage Services for Alaska Airlines 

Baggage Services for Alaska Airlines 

Next onwards, Level 1 is where you will find the baggage counter to drop the bags off before heading to the boarding gate. 

Here, the airline staff is present that checks whether the luggage qualifies the defined dimensional limits mentioned by the airline. If any bag exceeds the weight or height, then the additional charges will be applicable.

Even more, if there is any item or product packed which is against the airline baggage policy, then you will be asked to remove that also. Hence, it is strictly advised to adhere to the rules and pack accordingly. Lastly, after the check-in, tag the bag and submit it at the designated counter. 

Alaska Airlines Ticket and Check-in Counter 

Alaska Airlines Ticket and Check-in Counter 

The check-in can be finished from the ticket counter which is available at Level 3 of the Alaska Newark terminal. Whereas, the passengers are free to use the kiosk where the process is quick. Also, the line gets reduced due to the division of load at various kiosks and ticket counters. 

It is essential to remember or note down the reservation number and enter it carefully. Later, check the flight summary, add any other service, and finally confirm it to print a boarding pass for the journey ahead. 

AirTrain Platform at Alaska Newark Terminal

AirTrain is a transportation facility that is free of cost for travelers at the airport. It has stations at each terminal. Apart from the three levels discussed above, it is an additional and the last floor from where you can pick up or leave the bus to leave and arrive at the terminal. 

This transit service offers rides within and around the airport and operates 24/7. It is a paid service for certain stops and the payment is made while entering or exiting the AirTrain. To travel from parking lots, and terminals to any other place within the terminal, there are no additional charges. 

Alaska Passengers can wait for the bus at the station. It makes visits after every 15 minutes at each platform. 

Shops and Restaurants at Newark Liberty Airport 

Shops and Restaurants at Newark Liberty Airport 

Hunger and boredom are every traveler’s friends at the airport. Longboarding waiting hours can make it tiring. That is why, the airport is loaded with vast dining and shopping outlets. Renowned brands and restaurants await your arrival to serve you your favorite services. 

Unlike other airports, there is no specific floor for these shops. Instead, these are spread at all three levels ensuring easy accessibility for the passengers. 

Parking Facility for Alaska Passengers at Newark Airport 

There are various types of parking lots allowing some space for its huge number of travelers. It is a paid service and costs begin at  5.25 dollars for half an hour. With every additional second and third half hour, the price increases to 5.25 and 10.50 dollars respectively.

Passengers can check the available capacity of each garage online at their official website. Bookings are possible online along with additional services like valet and others. Alaska passengers must try to book the nearest parking area but if it is already booked, then book the next best alternative as the AirTrain also picks and drops between the terminal and parking areas. 

Other Facilities at the Newark Liberty Airport 

Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the primary airports of its surrounding regions. That is why it witnesses tons of travelers on a daily basis. In order to ensure its reputation in the industry, it offers another set of facilities that enhance the overall experience of the passengers arriving at the airport. Take a quick glance at the list and select a list of facilities or amenities that are useful for you. 

  • WiFi 
  • ATMs 
  • Currency Exchange Units 
  • Pet Relief Areas 
  • Kids Specific Area 
  • Nursing Rooms
  • Gaming Zones 
  • Restrooms 
  • Lost and Found 
  • Accessibility and Assistance 
  • Car Rental Services

These are generic and are available at each terminal of Newark Liberty. You can use the interactive map to find the exact location of the service. It is present on the official website of the airport. You can also check the shop names and details about other services. 


Find the details for what terminal is Alaska at Newark Airport. Also, check out the other services that are necessary to board the plane and finish the formalities. All such are present here at different dedicated levels. Make sure to re-confirm the information from the boarding pass to avoid any confusion and chaos at the airport. 

Alaska Airlines Newark Terminal (FAQs)

What Terminal at Newark Airport is Alaska Airlines?

Newark Airport Terminal B is used by Alaska Airlines for flying its passengers to various locations.

How to contact the airline representative of Alaska Newark Terminal?

Alaska Airlines Newark Terminal’s contact number is (800) 426-0333.

What terminal is Alaska Air at Newark for international flights?

Alaska Air Newark terminal 2 is reserved for international flights. 

What is the Alaska Airlines flight code? 

AS is the IATA-designated code for Alaska Airlines. 

Is there an Alaska Lounge at Newark Liberty Airport? 

Alaska Airlines does not specify any lounge service at Newark Liberty Airport. Passengers might be able to use the partner airline lounges (if any). 

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