LGA Security Wait Times – LaGuardia Airport Details 2023

Lga Security Wait Times

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) airport in Queens, New York US. It is a hub for American and Delta Airways. LGA ranked 3rd busiest airport in New York City and 20th busiest in the United States. It mainly flies domestic flights to central places and to the east coast of North America. Excluding Saturday and Denver(DEN) flights, LGA flights have a maximum radius of up to 1500 miles. International flights do not operate here as there is no border control facility at the airport. 

LGA flights do not offer service with a direct route to Europe whereas it travels the most number of passengers in the state. LGA has revamped its Terminal B and developed a new Terminal C that offers a smooth travel experience to visitors with tech-built modern amenities and facilities. 

The average LGA security wait time – is 17 min.

The Best security wait times for LGA is – Monday, Tuesday and Saturday-

Best Security wait Timing– 10 pm and 11 pm 

The Maximum security wait time LGA is-  On Sunday(the maximum record time was 32 min). 

Maximum Security wait Timing – 5 and 6 pm.

Passengers can check ahead for estimated security wait times on the airport website.

Airlines Operating At Different Terminals Of LGA 

Terminal ATerminal BTerminal C
Frontier AirlinesSpirit AirlinesAir CanadaAmerican AirlinesJetBlue AirwaysSouthwest AirlinesUnited AirlinesDelta Air LinesWestJet

Terminals at LGA Airport

LGA airport has 3 Terminals- A, B and C. 

Terminals at LGA Airport

Passengers are suggested to take the airport shuttle bus as they are not linked together and it may take long if you walk between terminals. 

You can reach the required terminal easily, by following the signpost in the parkway, if you are travelling LGA by car. The route goes through the Grand Central Parkway that runs down the south of LGA airport.  

At terminals, you can find parking easily and can rent cars easily. 

Security Checkpoints at LGA- Terminals and Timings

All terminals of LGA have checkpoints:

  • LGA airport has 4 terminals – A, B, C, and D. 
  • Terminal D – 2 checkpoints
  • Terminals A, B, and C – 1 Checkpoint.

 At the airport, you have to use your assigned gate terminal to go through the security wait times LGA.

Note: You can access Terminal C and Terminal D after LGA security wait times as they are connected by a pathway. 

Passengers can avail of the CLEAR service in Terminal C and Terminal D. 

Checkpoints At Terminals 

LGA TSA Terminal A

Concourse: A1 – A6- All passengers and TSA pre.

LGA TSA Central Terminal Building (CTB)-Terminal B  

LGA TSA Central Terminal Building (CTB)-Terminal B

Concourse A: A1- A6- All passengers and TSA Pre.

Concourse B: B1-B8-  All passengers and TSA Pre.

Concourse C: 40-59 – All passengers and TSA Pre. 

Concourse D: D8-D10- All passengers and TSA Pre

LGA TSA Terminal C East

GATE: C12 – C44 – All passengers and TSA Pre.

CLEAR Timings– All days, 4:30 am to 10:00 pm 

PreCheck Availability: 4:30 am to 7:30 pm

Enrollment of CLEAR user: All days, 4:30 am to 9:00 pm  

LGA TSA Terminal D Checkpoint

Gates: D1-D11T- All passengers and TSA Pre.

CLEAR Timings: All days, 4:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Enrollment of CLEAR user: All days, 4:30 AM to 9:00 PM

For recent LGA security wait times visit LGA Airport and select the option security wait times. 

Similarly, you can access the walk times to gates, 

LGA Airport Security wait Times at Different Checkpoints

The expected LGA security wait times are provided by the Transportation Security Administration(TSA). Travellers can retrieve the information from the TSA to plan their travelling in advance. 

The LGA airport security wait time is historical, it is important for you to take note of the ongoing wait time as this may depend on several factors such as weather, staffing, construction and many such factors which may result in an increase in a number of passengers at security checkpoint lanes. 

Before arrival, you need to build in time for other process-related issues such as parking, unexpected traffic and checking process. 

All the terminals at the LGA airport have different structures and different numbers of security checkpoints based on the size and volume of passengers they can handle. 

TSA PreCheck Service at LGA Terminal

  • TSA PreCheck Terminals-  A, B, C and D

The TSA PreCheck at the airport can be accessed at the security checkpoints located at A, B, C and D terminals. The hours may differ from the Terminal operating hours at these special checkpoints, as these are operated by the TSA operators.

You are required to check the TSA Pre timing for the particular day, time and date while you plan your visit.  

You can avail the benefits of meeting less time in LGA security wait times than LGA TSA wait time if you are a member of the TSA Pre program.

In case you are not you can sign up for the TSA PreCheck prior to your next journey. For enrollment, you can visit the LaGuardia airport at the west end of the LGA Terminal B security wait time near the gate C and D where you can also find baggage claim service. 

You can also visit the TSA PreCheck nearest enrollment centre which is located on the airport property

TSA PreCheck Important Information 

TSA PreCheck Important Information 

Operating time of TSA for the enrollment in the centre–  8 am to 1 pm & 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. 

Service Provided –Monday to Friday  

Location of TSA PreCheck

(at a distance of 2 miles from Staples)


24-41 31st St., Astoria, 

NY 11102-1140. 

TSA PreCheck Terminals: 

Terminal TA

  • Terminal A Checkpoint

Terminal TB

  • Concourse B Checkpoint
  • Concourse C Checkpoint
  • Concourse D Checkpoint

Terminal TC

  • East Checkpoint

Terminal TD

  • Terminal D Checkpoint

Security Wait Times LGA TSA 

AM                         Times  PM                                 Times
12 am – 1 am          17.1 mins11 am – 12 pm                0.0 mins
1 am – 2 am              0.0 mins12 pm – 1 pm                  4.3 mins 
2 am – 3 am              6.4 mins1 pm – 2 pm                    16.3 mins
3 am – 4 am            12.8 mins2 pm – 3 pm                    12.2 mins
4 am – 5 am               19 mins3 pm – 4 pm                      8.1 mins
5 am – 6 am            15.3 mins4 pm – 5 pm                      4.8 mins
6 am – 7 am            14.3 mins5 pm – 6 pm-                     1.5 mins
7 am – 8 am-             8.7 mins6 pm – 7 pm                  17.1 mins
8 am – 9 am              1.5 mins7 pm – 8 pm                     11.3 mins
9 am – 10 am          13.6 mins8 pm – 9 pm                      0.0 mins
10 am – 11 am        17.8 mins9 pm – 10 pm                    0.0 mins
11 pm – 12 am        25.6 mins10 pm – 11 pm                13.4 mins 

CLEAR- A Faster Screening Process

LGA airport offers its customers CLEAR special screening process designed by a private company. To access expedited security screening if you avail the service. 

CLEAR helps you reduce your wait in security wait times LGA queue. You can find the CLEAR counters located near Terminal C and Terminal D.

Travellers who are eligible and have already enrolled themselves and passengers who want to enrol themselves for the CLEAR service can visit.

LGA CLEAR lanes -Terminal C

Working Days – All daysWorking hours- 4:30 am to 9 pm.

Using this service travellers can skip the LGA terminal c security wait time line.  

 -Terminal C lga

Global Entry – LaGuardia airport does not offer Global entry service at the airport.

B-Fast – Using the B-Fast pass, travellers departing from Terminal B can skip the LGA terminal b security wait time. Pre Booked B-Fast may cost $15, and if you purchase an instant-access pass on the same day it may cost $20.  

Mobile Passport Control- At LGA airport mobile passport control is not accepted. 

Flight Delays –To get information about your flight delays you can check laguardiaairport.com and update on flight delays makes travellers’ journey hassle and stress-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the wait for the LGA security check?

It usually takes less than the 17 minutes average LGA security wait times.

How much time do I need at LGA?

It will take around 45 minutes for checking in for a domestic flight and 1 hour for an international one.

How large is LGA airport?

The airport covers around 680 acres of land and it has 72 aircraft gates. 

Is LaGuardia a busy airport?

LGA Airport is one the busiest US airports in terms of passenger numbers. 

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