Understanding Japan Airlines WiFi Services 2024

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Japan Airlines WiFi service is free of charge for passengers flying on domestic flights. On international flights, the service is offered for a fee. Moreover, there is no limit on data usage. You can enjoy unlimited data service for up to one, three, or for a day, depending on the purchased plan. This blog is designed to provide information related to inflight internet connectivity. Check how to purchase and activate Japan Airlines inflight WiFi and its charges. 

Japan Airlines Free WiFi For Domestic Flights

Japan Airlines Free WiFi For Domestic Flights

Japan Airlines has been providing internet connectivity and free entertainment on domestic flights since 2014. Though being the second largest airline in the country, JAL already had a good customer base. However, to increase it, the airline has an idea of offering Japan Airlines Free WiFi on Domestic Flights to stand out in the market. Domestic flights in Japan hardly take two hours to reach the final destination. Thus, customers are less likely to purchase a Japan Airlines WiFi inflight plan. However, the airline realized that offering free wifi connectivity on board could be a major competitive advantage. Since then, passengers on domestic flights have been offered Japan Airlines inflight WiFi free of charge. 

Additionally Information

Now that you are aware of how to purchase and activate the internet, you may also check related terms and conditions. Carefully go through the following additional information on inflight internet. For more details, you may connect with the Japan Airlines Tokyo Office

  • Passengers cannot access VoIP services like Skype when connected to the inflight internet network.
  • Since the wifi connection is derived from satellite communications, there are chances that you may lose connectivity due to weather conditions. It may take several hours or minutes to restore the connection. 
  • The Japan Airlines WiFi speed may get slower while watching or downloading large videos or data. It may also get slower when a large number of users are connected. 
  • Passengers can access the internet connection on V40 of the Boeing 737-800 (738/73H) and A43 of the Boeing 767-300ER (763).

Japan Airlines WiFi International flights

Japan Airlines WiFi International flights

On the other hand, Japan Airlines is still offering paid internet connection on international flights. You can connect your smartphones, laptops, and other device to the airline’s inflight internet. All classes, such as First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class, are eligible for Japan Airlines WiFi. Passengers can refer to the following procedure to connect to the network and enjoy surfing or stay connected to your social media platform. 

How to Connect Japan Airlines Inflight WiFi?

How to Connect Japan Airlines Inflight WiFi?

The airline provides a JAL WiFi User Guide in seat pockets. However, if you are curious, you can check the following steps to learn how to activate the internet connection on your device. 

Connect to Wi-Fi Service

After switching on your device’s Wi-Fi mode, connect to the “Japan Airlines” from the wireless network list. Also, ensure that your phone’s airlplane mode is on the whole time. 

Visit The Wi-Fi Portal Page

Once you are connected, a page will automatically open on your device. If not, please manually visit the browser and open https://www.jal-wifi.com. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Select And Purchase Internet Plan

The screen will display various internet plans varying in charges and usage time. You can select the one that suits your flight duration and pay the amount to activate it. If you have a promotion code, press the “Use promotion code” button and provide the code in the text field. 

Make The Payment

Now that you have decided on the Japan Airlines inflight WiFi plan make a payment to activate it. Choose how you would like to pay the amount. You can get discounts if you pay using the  JAL CARD, JAL Global WALLET, JAL USA CARD, or JAL SPDB credit card. When your connection is activated, the remaining time is displayed on the screen.

What is the Japan Airlines WiFi Cost?

What is the Japan Airlines WiFi Cost?

Japan Airlines charges for Wi-Fi connectivity on an hourly basis. There is no limit on how much data you can use during a given time. Japan Airlines WiFi Cost depends on the type of plan you purchase. You can refer to the following table and get an idea of how much you will have to pay out of your pocket:

Charge Plan (Connection time *1)Charges
1-hour Plan (1 hour)US$10.15
3-hour Plan (3 hours)US$14.40
Flight Plan (24 hours)US$18.80

The following table depicts the internet charges applicable to JALCARD holders.

Charge Plan (Connection time *1)Charges
1-hour Plan (1 hour)US$9.15
3-hour Plan (3 hours)US$12.95
Flight Plan (24 hours)US$16.80
  • The system starts counting hours from the moment you log in.
  • You will get discounted charges when you pay using JAL CARD, JAL Pay (JAL Global WALLET Card/Virtual Card), JAL USA CARD, or JAL SPDB credit card.
  • Presently, the airline is facing issues in processing discounts on JAP Visa Cards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there WiFi on Japan Airlines?

Yes, Japan Airlines offers inflight internet connection to passengers on international and domestic flights.

Does Japan Airlines have WiFi on international flights?

Yes, if you are flying on an international flight, you can purchase Japan Airlines Inflight Wifi for a fee. 

Does Japan Airlines have free WiFi?

Passengers flying on domestic flights are offered Japan Airlines free WiFi. Most flights hardly take 2 hours to arrive at the final destination, and passengers are less inclined to pay for the service for such a short course of time. 

Is Japan Airlines Wi-Fi good?

Of course, Japan Airlines has been awarded to have the best Wi-Fi service six times since 2017. So, there is no doubt it’s good. 

How much does Wi-Fi cost an airline?

The cost of WiFi on JAL flights depends on the hourly plans you purchase. It can cost from US$10.15 to US$18.80.

How does Japan Airlines inflight WiFi work?

When you board the plane, turn on the airplane mode and connect to the “Japan Airline” internet network. After that, a page will automatically appear, and you can select the plan and make the payment for it. 

Which devices can access the JAL Inflight Wi-Fi service?

Devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and any WiFi-capable devices can access the JAL inflight internet connection. 

How do I know if my device is connected with Wi-Fi enabled?

When you are connected to a JAL internet connection, the time remaining time is displayed on the screen.

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