EasyJet Gatwick Terminal – Facilities & Services

EasyJet Gatwick Terminal

Wondering which Gatwick terminal easyJet flies out of? The airline operates from both NORTH & SOUTH Terminal at London Gatwick Airport. The airport has two terminals that serve over 46 million travelers flying to over 200 destinations every year. EasyJet uses both terminals to operate its domestic and international flights. Passengers must find which Gatwick terminal easyJet departs from beforehand to avoid the last-minute hustle. Aside from this, the terminal has various facilities and services for incoming travelers to amp up the journey experience. So, if you are looking to find details on where to find cash machines, flight departure & arrival, or even a washroom then you have landed on the right page. Hence, read further to know more about the facilities and services of easyJet Gatwick Terminal

EasyJet Terminal Gatwick International Airport Highlights

EasyJet Terminal Gatwick International Airport

North and South are the easyJet Terminal Gatwick and it’s the only two terminals that the airport has. All the baggage, check-in, and other facilities are also completed there. EasyJet flights operate to/from both terminals. Flight numbers between 6300 and 6599 are all operated to and from the South Terminal. Flights other than the aforementioned number are operated from the North Terminal. Passenger can also check their booking confirmation to check which Gatwick Terminal easyJet flight will take off. It is also advisable to confirm the flight terminal before making any additional purchases for the trip such as hotels and parking. So, if you need to find where to check in, your favorite restaurants for a pre-flight meal, or simply want to get the Gatwick easyJet Terminal layout then you must go through this page. 

Airport NameLondon Gatwick Airport 
Concerned AirlineseasyJet Airline
Terminal North and South Terminals
Airport AddressHorley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, UK
Official Websitehttps://www.gatwickairport.com
Contact DetailsAirport – +44 344 892 0322

Departure and Arrival for EasyJet Flights

Departure and Arrival for EasyJet Flights

The arrival hall is located on the North Terminal ground floor and on the 2nd level of the South Terminal. Both terminals have their own meeting point. EasyJet uses both terminals for the arrival of its flights though the majority of easyJet flights are operated from the South terminal. Similarly, there is a designated place for departure as well. As of March 2022, easyJet is operating at both terminals of Gatwick Airport. Flight numbers between 6300 and 6599 (Inclusive) are operated from South Terminal and other flights are operated from North Terminal 

Gatwick Inter-Terminal Shuttle for easyJet Flights

Gatwick Inter-Terminal Shuttle services make it easier to move from one terminal to the other.
It is available 24*7 and has a total journey time of just two minutes. Hence, it is more convenient for passengers to take the Gatwick Inter-Terminal Shuttle for easyJet Flights. The station is situated very close to the train station at the airport’s south terminal. You can follow the designated signs to board the terminals. 

Gatwick easyJet Terminal Auto Bag Drop Kiosks & Lounge

EasyJet Airline has designated Auto Bag Drop zones at London Gatwick Airport. Such facility speed up the boarding process and provide special assistance to customers. If want to check your bag then do visit the easyJet Bag Drop before proceeding to security check-ins. The dedicated staff will be there to provide proper assistance to you. The usual bag drop opens two and a half hours before the scheduled departure at Gatwick. In addition, the airline has a Twilight Bag Drop facility that allows passengers to drop their bags off the evening prior to the day of travel to avoid the early morning rush. So, if you are catching an early morning easyJet flight at Gatwick then choosing this bag drop option will be convenient for you. 

Which Terminal at Gatwick for EasyJet Gateway Lounge?

Eligible passengers can locate Gateway Lounge at the North Terminal of London Gatwick Airport. Here, the travelers are served freshly cooked hot and cold meals along with a wide range of beverages. It also has other facilities like a games room, TV den, workspace, lounge room, and WiFi access. FLEXI fare holders get up to three hours of access to easyJet Gateway Lounge for flights taking off from London Gatwick. Passengers can also update their access to the lounge on the day of travel. 

Which Gatwick Terminal EasyJet Uses – North Terminal 

Passengers can find all the required facilities to make their trip as stress-free as possible. Here we have listed all the services such as communication, luggage, cash, and kiosk centers presented at easyJet Gatwick Terminal. We are starting off with Gatwick North Terminal.

  1. easyJet Check In at Gatwick North Terminal

easyJet check-in at Gatwick North Terminal is located on the second level. Passengers are advised to appear on time to make sure there is plenty of time for check-in and baggage drop-off. The ideal check-in time for international flights is three hours before the departure and 1.5 hours for domestic flights. 

  1. Self-Service Check-in 

Airlines like easyJet provide a self-service check-in facility at London Gatwick Airport. Such a service not only saves ample time on your travel but also helps the airport in managing the inflow of passengers. You can use both online self-check-in and kiosk centers located at the airport. At the kiosk center, you can check in and select your seat to print the boarding pass along with the tags for checked baggage. Afterwards, the checked bags can be dropped off at the designated zones. The airline staff will also be there to help you out in case of any confusion. 

  1. Miscellaneous Points

Passengers cannot make flight calls at Gatwick Airport. You need to keep track of the information displayed on screens. The facility for storing your baggage (Excess Baggage Company) is available at the second level of North Terminal. It opens from 04:00 in the morning till 08:00 in the evening. 

Gatwick North Terminal Facilities for EasyJet Flight

Below we have tabulated the facilities that are provided to the passengers taking easyJet flights from Gatwick North Terminal. The services and facilities are divided into different levels present in a particular terminal. 

  1. Facility at Check-in Level 1
Excess BaggagePassengers can find related facilities like excess luggage, left luggage, etc. 
Bureau de ChangeMoneycorp Bureau de Change is located right beside the shuttle services that connect both terminals.
Food and DrinkCosta Coffee is located on this level.
Help DeskNear the shuttle train service, passengers can locate the information desk point on level 1.
Internet Facility Right beside Costa Coffee, there is an internet kiosk facility. 
Prayer RoomPassengers can locate the prayer room near Hampton By Hilton Hotel access route. 
Shopping StoresThere are no stores for shopping purposes
WashroomsThe toilets and baby care room are situated on the left of the check-in desks. 
  1. North Terminal Level 2 Services
Bureau de ChangeMoneycorp Bureau de Change is located at the ‘D’ and ‘E’ check-in zones.
Food and DrinkYou can head over to James Oliver Coffee Co. for a quick refreshment.
Help DeskNot available at the check-in zones but some help desks are available after security.
Internet Facility Internet kiosk is located before and after security along with the SurfBox printing facility. The airport also has high-speed WiFi connections.  
Shopping StoresLonon News Company shop can be located around the ‘E’ check-in zone.
WashroomsLocated at the check-in area.  
  1. Facility at North Terminal Departure, Upper & Lower Levels
Bureau de ChangeTwo Moneycorp Bureau de Change are located with cash machines at the departure lounge lower level.
Food and DrinkFood stores can be located at the upper level including James Oliver Coffee Co., Wagamama, and Pret a Manger.
Whereas, Wetherspoons and s Caviar bar can be located at the lower level. 
Kid ZoneKid Zone is situated near Dixons Travel Store. 
Internet Facility Internet kiosk is available on the lower level near the information desk. Another internet kiosk is situated between World Duty-Free and London News Company.
Special AssistanceSituated in the middle of the departure hall.
Shopping StoresPlenty of retail stores can be found on the lower level of the departure lounge. This includes Dixons Travel, Fat Face, Harrods, Hugo Boss, Superdry, & Ted Baker 
WashroomsToilets for men, women, and disabled persons are situated on both levels of the departure lounge. There is also a baby changing facility accessible on the upper level. 
Charging PointPassengers can locate mobile phone charging facilities between London News Company and World Duty-Free. 
  1. Gatwick Airport North Terminal Facility – Arrival 
Bureau de ChangeMoneycorp Bureau de Change is located near the public area lift on arrival concourse
Food and DrinkCosta Coffee is located beside the domestic arrival section. Also, passengers can locate WHSmoth near escalators. 
Help DeskThe information desk can be found in the main arrival section and at the exit section. 
WiFiPassengers get access to high-speed WiFi for free. The internet kiosk is situated near the escalators. 
Shopping StoresIn the arrival section, you can find Costa Coffee, Boots, and, M&S.
Baggage TrolleysYou can get one in Baggage Reclaim free of cost.

Gatwick South Terminal Facilities for EasyJet Flight

The south terminal of London Gatwick Airport offers a wide range of services and facilities to easyJet passengers. The following information will provide you with the complete list of services found at the different levels of the South Terminal.

  1. easyJet Check-In & Self-Service Check-In at Gatwick South Terminal 

The check-in zones are situated on the second level of the South Terminal. Passengers can complete all the check-in, security, and baggage facilities on this level. Thus, make sure to arrive right on time according to your flight. 

Like Terminal N, South Terminal also has a self-check-in kiosk center that makes it easier for passengers to print their boarding passes. 

  1. Gatwick South Terminal Facilities for EasyJet flights at Check-in
Bureau de ChangeTwo Moneycorp Bureau de Change with cash machines are located at level 2.
Food and DrinkThere are no cafes and restaurants in the check-in area but you can find Marks & Spencer Simply Food.
Help DeskNear the shuttle train service, passengers can locate the information desk point on level 1.
Internet Facility Good-speed WiFi connection is available throughout the airport. The Internet can be accessed at SurfBox Internet Kiosk as well.
Information DeskYou can locate the help desk right beside the Boots Pharmacy near the check-in area.
Pay Phone You can make calls at the pay phone located near the ‘J’ check-in zone. 
Special AssistanceThe Special Assistance Desk is located beside the VAT Refund Office.
WashroomsToilets for men, women, and disabled persons are situated opposite the Boots. You can also find baby-changing facilities there. More toilets for men & women are located in the ‘A’ check-in zone. 
  1. Gatwick EasyJet Terminal South Facility – Departure
Bureau de ChangeTwo counters are located on levels 1 & 3.
Food and DrinkRestaurants can be found on upper levels including Nandos, Costa, Wagamama, Pret A Manger, and J D Wetherspoons.On the lower level, you can locate Caviar House & Prunier and cafes on level 3.
Luggage and Pay PhonesLuggage trolleys are provided for free on the forecourt. Pay Phones are situated on level three. 
Internet Facility Free WiFi access for initial 90 minutes. 
Prayer RoomA private room for prayer is available on level three. 
Smoking AreaThere are designated smoking areas outside the terminal as it is not permitted inside the building.
Lounges and Shopping AreaLounges can be found on the upper levels and retail stores are located on the lower levels including Zara, Ernest Jones, Fat Face, Harrods, Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, etc.
WashroomsYou can find toilets at all three levels of departure along with a shower facility on levels one and three. 
  1. Gatwick Terminal South Facility – Arrival
Bureau de ChangeTwo are located in the arrival area. One can e found opposite the M&S Simply Food outlet and another is nearby the Costa Coffee store. 
Food and DrinkCosta Coffee is located opposite the exit of the arrival section. Mark & Spencer Simply Food store is located right beside the airport concierge. 
Busesare at the street level of the forecourt.
Internet Facility Available throughout the airport.
Baggage Trolleysare Provided for free in Luggage Reclaim.
Shopping AreaYou find WHSmith, M&S Simply Food, and Boots at the arrival levels.
WashroomsToilets are opposite the Boots for male, female, and disabled-accessible toilets. 

EasyJet terminal Gatwick (FAQs)

Which terminal does EasyJet fly from at Gatwick?

EasyJet uses South and North Terminals at London Gatwick Terminal to operate its domestic and international flights. 

Which terminal Gatwick EasyJet has a WIFI facility?

The WIFI connection is available throughout the airport and is free for initial 90 minutes. 

Which terminal EasyJet Gatwick has Auto Bag Drop Kiosk?

EasyJet passengers arriving at London Gatwick North Terminal can drop off their bags at  Auto Bag Drop Kiosk.

Which Gatwick terminal for easyJet Gateway Lounge?

Eligible passengers can enjoy the luxury of easyJet Gateway Lounge at the North Terminal of London Gatwick Airport. 

Can you walk between North and South Terminal Gatwick?

You cannot walk between the two terminals but you can use the Gatwick Inter-Terminal Shuttle train for catching an easyJet flight in just two minutes. 

Which airlines use Gatwick South Terminal?

EasyJet along with other airlines uses Gatwick South Terminal to operate flights for its passengers. 

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