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Sunwing Airlines Seat Selection

Sunwing seat selection lets you decide where you want to sit on a plane. Whether you prefer a window or an aisle, you can choose the seat while booking your ticket. Where you sit can decide your whole flight experience. Thus, choosing the right corner is crucial for every traveler. With Sunwing Airlines, select your seat in advance and enjoy its award-winning inflight service on the day of travel.

Sunwing Seat Selection Policy

Sunwing Airlines Seat Selection can be done at the time of booking or later via the “Manage Booking” option. Just simply log into your account and select the “seat selection” option. One may also call the airline representative to select their preferred seating.  This way, you can reserve your seat in advance for a fee. 

Sunwing free seat selection is possible for passengers traveling with children under 14 years old (if not pre-selected). The airline will assign you a seat free of charge at the check-in counter as per the Canada Passenger Protection regulation.  For other passengers, Sunwing seat selection in advance will incur additional charges.

There are already reserved seats on the plane that are not available for purchase.  Seats 11A, 11B, and 11C are for passengers who require special services or medical needs. For more information, you can connect with Sunwing Airlines Toronto office

Type of Seats Available On Sunwing Flights

Type of Seats Available On Sunwing Flights

You have various seat options to choose from as per the Sunwing seat selection policy. The airline offers three basic seating options: Regular, Preferred, and Exit Row Seats. All seats are the same in width, which is  17 inches wide.  Seat pitch is 29 inches and can go up to 35 inches for Elite Plus seats. Below, we have described the features of a seat along with the Sunwing seat selection fees:

  1. Regular Seating

Regular seats offer a 29-inch pitch and come with both recline and non-recline chairs. There are about six seats that do not recline back.  Passengers have to pay 20 CAD each way to book and reserve a regular seat on Sunwing Airlines. 

  1. Preferred Seating

These seats have the same characteristics as the regular seats but are located in front rows. All seats are reclinable.  You can book them for 30 CAD each way. Up to 10 front rows are filled with preferred seatings. 

  1. Elite Plus/ Exit Row Seating

Lastly, Elite Plus or Exit Row seats offer 6 inches of extra legroom to passengers for a comfortable experience. The only difference between Elite Plus seats and Exit Row is the seat pitch, i.e., 35” and 39” respectively. 

You can pre-purchase an Elite Plus or an Exit Row seat for 50 CAD each way. If you purchased within 24 hours of departure, the Sunwing seat selection fees will increase to 65 CAD

Conditions For Sunwing Exit Row Seats

Conditions For Sunwing Exit Row Seats

Not every passenger can reserve an exit row seat according to the Sunwing Airlines seat selection regulations. A passenger can sit in an exit row seat only when he/she meets the following conditions:

  • Over 12 years
  • Physically abled passengers
  • He/she should be strong enough to operate an emergency exit. 
  • Able to understand printed and spoken emergency instructions. 
  • Can easily decide to open the exit door in case of emergency evacuation. 
  • Able to understand oral information from the crew member and orally articulate the message to other passengers. 

People Also Ask…

Does Sunwing Airlines charge for seat selection?

Yes, Sunwing Airlines seat selection incurs an additional fee as well. It may range from 20 – 30 CAD.

When can I select my seats with Sunwing for free?

You can select seats on Sunwing flights while making a reservation or later via the “manage booking” section or by calling the airline reservation desk. 

Does Sunwing have free seat selection?

Sunwing Airlines offers free seats to children under the age of 14 years, given the seats are not pre-selected.  

Who cannot sit on the exit row on Sunwing flights?

Someone who is not suitable for an exit row seat is a passenger who is responsible for another person, can get harmed in opening the exit, or requires seatbelt extensions.

What are the preferred seats on Sunwing?

These seats are located in the front row and cost up to 30 CAD each way. 

Are Sunwing elite seats worth it?

Yes, passengers get 6” extra legroom in Elite Plus seatings that ensure a comfortable and relaxing journey experience. 

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