Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy 2024 for Infants

Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy

Spirit Airlines Stroller policy allows you to check in one stroller for every child free of cost. Passenger traveling with their little ones must check these details before packing bags. You may travel carefree with your child and their carriage, like a car seat and stroller, as long as you comply with the restrictions. We all know flights can be stressful for parents accompanying their kids. Packing bags is in itself complicated, and suddenly, you require more for your children. Spirit Airlines makes it a little easier for you. Parents or guardians can add strollers, car seats, diaper bags, etc., to their allowance. Get a closer look at the Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy with the help of our blog.

Spirit Guidelines for Flying With Infants

Flying With Infants

As per the policies, a child is termed an ‘Infant’ when he/she is younger than 2 years of age but older than seven days. An infant can travel on their parent’s lap for free, and there is no need for flight tickets. However, if the child is older, it is mandatory to book a seat in the flight cabin. Meanwhile, we have mentioned other requirements for traveling with your little ones:

  • An child traveling on a lap must sit with at least a 15-year-old.
  • A single passenger can sit with only one infant.
  • The airline will not permit the travel of six days or younger infants.
  • If you are traveling with an infant, you cannot book seats in the exit row or at the very front or back. 
  • Check-in at the gate with the concerned agent prior to boarding.

Travel With Strollers & Car Seat On Spirit Airlines

Travel With Strollers

Spirit Airlines is happy to check in one stroller per kid without any additional charges. No worries if you are accompanying two children; the airline will check in two strollers instead. This policy applies to all infants, whether they are flying in the seat or on the lap of their parents. In addition, you can bring a Child Restraint System (CRS) or a car seat approved by FFA for kids if they are occupying a seat in the cabin. FAA-approved Child Harness Devices are also permitted on board. 

Are car seats free on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit Airlines checks in car seats free of cost at the counter or at the gate. The airline will not count it towards your checked baggage allowance. Purchasing a ticket in the name of your kid will only guarantee the use of car seats or CRS on board. This will ensure a safe place for your infant while on the plane. In case you bring a larger car seat, the airline will try its best to provide you with an open seat.

Ensure You Meet The Ideal Size For Car Seats

It is possible for some FAA-approved car seats to not fit in certain aircraft for the airline. In such cases, you cannot shift to seats that are equipped with inflatable seat belts. Additionally, you are not eligible to book a seat in the exit row or the row ahead and behind it. If you want more space, you will have to pre-book Big Front Seats for additional charges. Therefore, ensure the CSR meets the specific size limit in accordance with the aircraft you’re flying in.

Type of AircraftBig Front SeatsDeluxe Leather Seats
Airbus 319widest seat width – 22”narrowest seat width – 22”widest seat width – 17”narrowest seat width – 15 ½”
Airbus 320 & 32Awidest seat width – 22.8”narrowest seat width – 22.8”widest seat width – 16”narrowest seat width – 15 ½”
Airbus 321 & 32Bwidest seat width – 22”narrowest seat width – 22”widest seat width – 17”narrowest seat width – 15 ½”
Airbus A321 NEO (32Q)widest seat width – 20.9”narrowest seat width – 20.9”widest seat width – 18.5”narrowest seat width – 16.5”

Answers to Common Questions – FAQs

Does Spirit allow strollers?

Yes, passengers are allowed to carry one stroller to ensure a comfortable journey for their infants. 

Does Spirit charge for strollers?

No, Spirit Airlines lets you check in a stroller per child free of cost at the airport counter or at the gate. 

Are strollers free on Spirit Airlines for two kids?

Yes, you can submit two strollers at the counter without paying any fee if traveling with two children. 

Do babies fly free on spirit?

Yes, infants under 2 years and flying on the lap of their parents or guardians can travel free and without a ticket. 

Can I bring a car seat on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you may bring a car seat or CRS on board as long as you booked a seat for your child. 

Is diaper bag free on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, passengers can pack a diaper bag for their children and carry it on board free of charge.

What baby items are free on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines permits infant car seats and a stroller free on every flight to all passengers. 

Do babies need birth certificates to fly spirit?

Spirit Airlines has the right to request birth certificates, passports, etc for children under the age of two years.

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