Decoding The United MileagePlus Program

do united airlines miles expire

Have you been traveling with United Airlines for long? If yes, you are in for a treat. You are going to be enlightened with a beneficial scheme that will change the way you travel for good. It is the United Airlines MileagePlus membership plan, which helps you earn miles, and those “never expire.” All you need to do is sign up for the program and enjoy flying with the airlines for free. Excited about how is it possible? Keep on reading to uncover all the secrets of this scheme and save dollars in your journeys.

How Does The United MileagePlus Plan Works?

You must be wondering how becoming a member of United Airline’s MileagePlus plan can make your flights free. This is how it happens. When you are a member, every time you fly with the airline, you receive extra miles as a reward. When it’s time to redeem them, the expenses of those miles are discounted on your flight ticket.

Creating An Account

All of these earning and enjoying free flights starts with creating a United account. So, how can you sign up for the United Airlines MileagePlus Program and join the family of several passengers saving dollars on their flight purchases?

You have to create your United Airlines MileagePlus Account in order to start getting the benefits of being a frequent traveler of United Airlines.

Earning Extra Miles

You can earn extra miles in the following scenarios:

  • Purchasing A Flight Ticket: You will earn extra miles every time you travel with United Airlines, Star Alliance flight, and MileagePlus Partner airline. The miles earned depend on which class and fare type you are traveling from.
  • Using United Credit Cards: This is when your United credit cards come in handy.
  • United Gateway Card
  • United Explorer card
  • United Quest Card
  • United Club Infinite Card
  • United Business Card

Buying your flight ticket through these credit cards will help you fly some extra miles for free.

  • Other Travel Spendings: You can also earn additional miles by booking a United hotel or resort, renting an Avis or Budget car, or taking a United cruise.

Learn the eligibility criteria for earning United miles in detail to make informed decisions during your air travel.

The Value Of A Single Dollar

When you buy a United Airlines flight ticket that is eligible for extra points, you get 5 miles for every dollar you spend on your flight purchase. Though, the miles can fluctuate from 5 to 11 based on your flight status.

This is how you can expect the number of miles you can get on flying with different statuses:

  • Basic Member: 5 miles per dollar
  • Premier Silver: 7 miles per dollar
  • Premier Gold: 8 miles per dollar
  • Premier Platinum: 9 miles per dollar
  • Premier 1K: 11 miles per dollar

Do United Airlines Miles Expire?

It can’t get rosier when you realize the miles you earn will stay with you forever. Yes! Your United Airlines extra miles don’t expire. Isn’t this a real deal?

Redeeming Your Extra Miles

Did you know you can do so much more with your earned miles than just get a free flight or a high discount on your ticket purchase? Let’s explore what other benefits you can unlock with your miles.

  • Seat and cabin upgrades
  • Attain a premier status
  • Awards with family pooling
  • Get TSA Precheck facility
  • Access United Club lounges and onboard amenities
  • Discounts on shopping, dining, and hotel stays
  • Purchase gift cards
  • Renting a car
  • Booking cruises

The Premier Status

When you fly a significant time and in qualifying flights with United Airlines, you rise to a Premier Status that keeps on leveling up the more you travel. There are four premier levels, each with benefits that enhance as you climb the status ladder.

  • Premier Silver

Allows one free checked bag in Economy class

You and one more companion get free Economy Plus access during check-in

Boarding access in Group 2

Free upgrade to higher class services during departures

Earn 7x miles

  • Premier Gold

Take two free checked bags in Economy class

Free Economy Plus access for you and a companion at booking

Boarding access in Group 1

Flight upgrade for free 48 hours prior to flight

Earn 8x miles

  • Premier Platinum

Can bring 3 checked bags in Economy class

Bring 8 more companions to Economy Plus at flight booking

Boarding access in Group 1

Free flight upgrades 72 hours before flight departures

Earn 9x miles

New Premier Platinum members get 40 PlusPoints

  • Premier 1K

Carry 3 checked bags for free in Economy class

You and 8 other companions get free Economy Plus access at booking

Priority pre-boarding

Upgrade your flight for free before 96 hours of your flight

Earn 11x miles

New Premier 1K members earn 280 PlusPoints

Milestone Reached

If you fly frequently with United Airlines, becoming a member of its MileagePlus Program will take you a long way with greater comfort and less spending. As you plan more travels with this airline, you can reach bigger milestones, such as getting an elite status. You are treated as a priority when you fly with high status. The perks never expire and are only beneficial for you as a United Airlines passenger. 

If you are interested and want to join, you can visit the airline’s official website or contact their customer support to know in detail about this membership program.


How to use United Airlines miles?

When booking a flight online, you can choose the miles while paying for your flight ticket. You can also use them for renting a car, booking hotels and cruises, purchasing gift cards, shopping, and more.

Do United Airlines miles expire?

The best thing about the miles you earn on your United Airlines travel is that they don’t expire.

How much are United Airlines miles worth?

You earn 5x miles per dollar in your ticket purchase each time you travel as a normal passenger. As your status upgrades, the number of miles you earn expands to up to 11x miles.

What are the benefits of United Miles?

You get priority boarding, free access to United lounges, complimentary flight upgrades, carrying checked baggage for free, and other benefits with United miles.

How do you gain miles on United?

Flying frequently with United Airlines or other eligible flights, using United credit cards, or spending on United travel can help you earn extra miles.

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